To make sure your books are accurate and any taxes are minimized.


To see measurable results and prepare the financial roadmap for your future.


To understand what the numbers are saying.


To develop action plans to create the vision of future results.

Your Go To Financial Expert

Do you need a qualified CPA to be your personal financial advisor, part time CFO/Controller, or to assist your accounting staff with financial reporting and analysis?


Every individual client is unique, as each of our needs vary greatly. Some of us are risk takers, and others prefer to play it safe. Whatever your situation, whether it involves personal or business matters, I will assist you to build and implement a customized financial plan to enhance your cash flow, minimize your taxes, and meet your other requirements. If you own or manage an organization, I will be your business advisor and assist you and your staff with accounting and financial reporting, as necessary. I want to become your “go to” financial expert, rather than someone you see only once a year at tax time.


Well executed financial reporting and planning focuses on your future results and what factors are most influential in change management. Good accounting records, timely and relevant financial reporting, and evidence based financial planning are all important parts of financial health for organizations and individuals. Whether you are an individual, business owner, or managing a non-profit organization, figuring out the best way to invest your money and the most effective way to enhance your cash flows will allow you to plan ahead and prosper under diverse circumstances.


The financial oversight and information I provide delivers you tools for:

  • Providing reporting structures and metrics that measure operations and improve cash flow
  • Providing focused attention on evidence based decision-making to improve performance
  • Delivering roadmaps of the future to enhance consistent and effective leadership
  • Encouraging a culture of accomplishment and providing a basis for compensation rewards related to performance
  • Measuring how to effect change in the net worth of the individual or the organization

My ongoing advisory services and updates help maintain a structured discipline of review and analysis of key measures and progress against them. Historical financial reports, budgets and plans are only relevant to the extent they are objective, evidence based, and combined with the disciplines of timely review, progress grading, and action plans derived from feedback on results.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


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